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Drawing from our professional drama training and SceneChange help people develop their confidence, build career enhancing relationships and maximize their potential.

At SceneChange, we provide bespoke and interactive training with an emphasis on empowering people to unleash their potential.

Using cross organisational coaching, forum theatre and interactive skills practice, we, at SceneChange, motivate and challenge staff, tackle difficult issues, highlight behaviour and develop people skills.

Our programmes are designed to activate people to become more engaged and responsible for their own learning and development.

Our mission is to


  • Unleash talent

  • Encourage inclusion

  • Increase confidence

  • Develop positive behaviour

  • Create inspiring leaders

We celebrate diversity and actively seek associate trainers from all races, faiths, sexual orientations, ages and physical abilities.


Meet our team

Reason to choose us!

SceneChange provides unique and innovative ways of developing talented staff. Through our award nominated Coaching Squared programme emerging and senior leaders learn from other experienced professionals from outside of their company – challenging themselves in a safe and confidential environment whilst practicing coaching skills by helping to develop a peer. They are then able to use their new skills and knowledge to progress their career and benefit their organisation.
"I would recommend the programme. It provides an excellent opportunity to work with someone potentially very different from you. It is a genuine give and receive opportunity, in a non-threatening, trusted environment"
"I feel more confident, more outgoing and more able to deal with anything that gets thrown at me.”
"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by my company and your organisation to participate."

Interview with senior leaders


Each Coaching Squared programme runs for nine months and consists of three workshops and self-managed coaching for a minimum of two hours per month. Places are competitive and limited to a maximum of 18 per workshop.

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