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  • Unlocking your potential

    Unlocking your potential

    Through Coaching Squared peer-to-peer coaching Author: Martyn Loukes This week I celebrated 30 years of being an out gay man. In 1987 growing up gay in the suburbs was a relatively brave thing to do; the age of consent for gay men was 21 and there was no protection in law for me at work. […]

  • Two steps forward, one step back

    Two steps forward, one step back

    Author: Mairi McHaffie So much has happened over the past fifty years for LGBT people in the UK that some find it difficult to imagine a time when people were arrested for their choice of partner. However, LGBT people and their allies all over the world are still fighting for their right to make a […]

  • Am I biased? Surely not…

    Am I biased? Surely not…

    Author: Kåre Sivertsen, Training Specialist & Managing Director at SceneChange Creative Consultants As a rational human being, I am pretty certain I make most of my decisions based on fact, logic and reason. How is it that research suggest that our feelings and emotions can be a major influencer in our decision making process? Let […]

  • New Year New Goals

    New Year New Goals

    How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Setting resolutions For many of us January stands for setting resolutions and breaking them before the month is out, embarking on Dry January and having a sneaky drink at the end of week 2, cause its’s someone’s birthday, separation, new job, verruca removal. Any old excuse would do […]

  • Baby Proof your Career

    Baby Proof your Career

    Jo Otterburn, Court and Tribunal Fees Policy Joanna is a Coaching Squared graduate, here she shares with us her strategy to enjoy maternity leave with career confidence. How I have prepared for maternity leave In March, I was over the moon to discover that I was having a baby – our first, a boy, due […]

  • Are Employers committed to gender Equality and Diversity in 2016?

    Are Employers committed to gender Equality and Diversity in 2016?

    Findings state employers still have work to do LeanIn.Org in partnership with McKinsey & Company, released their annual study Women in the Workplace 2016. This is based on the pipeline data and human resources practices from 132 companies employing more than 4.6 million people around the world. The key findings for the 2016 study is […]

  • LGBT: the value of diversity in numbers

    LGBT: the value of diversity in numbers

    LGBT: the value of diversity in numbers “In the UK, it costs an employer £30,600 to replace a new employee, compared with the average national salary of £26,500 and it takes 28 weeks for a new employee to get to optimum productivity”. Oxford Economics, The Cost of the Brain Drain. Earlier this year, a report, […]


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