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Building a diverse workforce

Building a diverse workforce

It’s good for business – Building a diverse workforce

We know that Britain is a diverse and multi-cultural society and business and government know that their products and services should be directly aligned to the needs of their customers. But how far does the leadership of these organisations reflect the people they serve?
The Parker Review, published this month, sets out the target to have at least one non-white director on each of FTSE 100 boards by 2021.

Failing to promote

The report by Sir John Parker, chairman of Anglo American, highlights that the boardrooms of Britain’s leading public companies ‘do not reflect the ethnic diversity of either the UK or the stakeholders that they seek to engage and represent’ with companies failing to promote enough ethnic minority employees to top executive positions.
Despite all the positive rhetoric, and the research linking a diverse workforce to stronger profits, sectors are still failing to reflect the diversity of the overall UK population.

Perpetuating sameness

In their drive to recruit top talent for their companies HR departments are perpetuating sameness by recruiting from the Russell Group universities, the UK’s top institutions.
The Parker Report states “We believe firmly that UK companies will only achieve their most insightful and effective leadership, and be best prepared to compete in the global economic community, being led by a board of directors that is comprised of both men and women, drawn from an appropriate range of ethnicities, who are capable of appreciating the impact of globalisation and diversity in all its forms across their organisation.”

Embedding Diversity & Inclusion

SceneChange specialises in diversity and inclusion leadership development training; we do this through our Coaching SquaredTM programmes – for Women, BAME, LGBT and Disabled staff. SceneChange enables organisations to realise the full potential of their diverse talent by empowering them with impact and influencing skills, to increase their confidence and take charge of developing their career strategy.

Timetable – Coaching Squared Programmes 2017

  • BAME Programme – 19th and 25th January 2017
  • Disability Programme – 28th February 2017
  • Women’s Programme – 16th and 21st March 2017
  • BAME Programme – 15th and 20th June 2017

To find out more how we can help you deliver your diversity targets please get in touch on 020 7060 2067 or email us. We offer complimentary lunch and learning sessions for organisations, we don’t already work with. Places are limited.

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