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Practical tools for career development


Having the opportunity to talk through your work goals and aims, receive feedback on your CV and cover letter in a one-to-one session can be very valuable. The primary objectives of the career coaching and workshops, SceneChange delivers, is to give candidates a practical understanding of the tools needed to perform in interview and assessment situations and provide tailored feedback in both a group and individual context.

Mock Interviews
Our mock-interview sessions have enabled candidates to practice responding to different interview styles from at least three different professional interviewers from varying sectors and observe others being interviewed and give and receive honest feedback.

Our Clients
SceneChange delivers regular career coaching and practical interview skills training at the Norwegian School of Economics, as well as other academic institutions. We also provide individual coaching to employees from the public and private sectors both in the UK and abroad.

The workshops and individual sessions aim to:

  • Excite candidates about various transferable career possibilities
  • Generate increased self confidence and belief that they can succeed in an increasingly competitive market
  • Provide an increased understanding of how to identify a career that is suitable for them
  • Offer advice on how to approach target organisations and navigate the application process
  • Focus on transferable skills whilst remaining true to one’s own values, beliefs and cultural DNA.


Our other services include the following:
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intercultural communication skills
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