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Drama for International Primary Schools

SceneChange brings fun and excitement to your school, with dynamic drama based workshops delivered by London West End performers. These extra-curricular weekend events are at a minimal cost to your school and provide 8-11 year old students with a unique opportunity to develop their confidence and life skills through games, improvisation, voice, movement, storytelling and characterisation.

Supporting Child Development
We are passionate about helping young people to develop their confidence through drama and creative role play. Learning theatre crafts in a fun, supportive environment can help to boost life skills. By enabling children to experience different behaviours, we encourage their ability to self express and unleash their potential through improvisation and team work.

Professional Development for Teachers
During our workshops, we welcome teachers to work alongside us to enhance their own professional development. We provide a ‘teacher pack’, which outlines how to develop a performance, including how to engage support, run rehearsals, select scripts, block scenes, choose music and source materials.

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Our Workshops
We know that all schools are different and that resources vary. Therefore to adapt to your needs we provide three service options:

Option 1
Two day improvisation workshop
Workshop leaders guide children into bringing a well-loved children’s story to life using drama, improvisation and song. The workshop culminates in an improvised performance by the children for family and friends at the end of Day Two.

Option 2
Two day school performance workshop
Using one of our fully scripted well-loved children’s stories as a basis for the workshop, our performers lead the children through engaging drama games, improvisation, simple dance routines and songs. On the evening of Day One, guided by the advice of your teachers, we will cast the entire show. Day Two, allows for further games and improvisation, rehearsal of scripted scenes, and the performance of these to each other.

This option provides teachers with all the tools they then need to create a school show. We provide scripts, staging, blocking, lyrics, backing tracks and costume ideas in our Performance Pack, which is given to the school for use in further rehearsals towards a full performance in the coming weeks. This workshop option encourages the continuous professional development of teachers and can involve the whole school in taking part from musical to art projects.

Option 3
Five day school holiday workshop
We know that life at an International School is a uniquely rewarding experience for students and teachers throughout the school year. In holiday times, many children remain in their host countries. We provide week long holiday workshops with scripts, staging, blocking, lyrics and backing tracks, which will culminate in a full performance in front of friends and family at the end of the week.
All our workshop leaders are UK Criminal Records Bureau cleared with certification.

Our other services include the following:
Coaching Squared Programmes
External Mentoring Programmes
Interactive skills practice
Unconscious bias training
Personal impact and influencing skills
Presentation and vocal coaching
Return to work programme

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