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Business team smiling as they watch their female colleague who is giving a speechUsing professional role-players is a powerful tool for staff training, skills practice and personal development. Our role-players enable delegates to test their ability to manage colleagues, customers or clients and to deal with difficult conversations in a safe and controlled environment. Encouraging individuals to practise different outcomes of a given scenario is a valuable investment. In the real world, we often only have one chance to get it right.

Client work includes PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ministry of Justice, HMRC

Professional role-players will:

  • bring a realistic performance according to given guidelines
  • give a consistent performance to all participants
  • deliver fully comprehensive feedback
  • highlight positive skills and coach individuals to perform better

Our other services include the following:
Coaching Squared Programme
External Mentoring Programmes
Unconscious bias training
Personal impact and influencing skills
Presentation and vocal coaching
Return to work programme
Drama for International Primary Schools

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