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Key to Successful communication


In a workplace that is becoming more culturally complex, awareness of one’s own preferences and expectations is key to successful communication. This is the starting point for developing intercultural communication skills.

Intercultural communication includes exploring how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them.

Encoding messages

Intercultural business communication is affected by different practices in how individuals encode messages, what medium they choose for transmitting them, and the way messages are interpreted.

Business coaching tools

SceneChange is licensed to deliver the business coaching tools ‘The International Profiler’ (TIP) and the ‘International Preferences Indicator’ (IPI), which we use with individuals and in group settings.

Workshop benefits include:

  • Developing cultural self-awareness
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Building trust and efficiency in cross-cultural contexts
  • Succeeding in a multicultural team
  • Balancing leading and adapting skills

By understanding and putting into practice excellent communication at an international level can help to transform good business relationships and enable a business to expand successfully into new markets.


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