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Scene-change-presentation-and-vocal-coachingIn today’s world of social media and email, we are becoming more connected, more accessible to employers and clients and our reputations can be managed to give out the messages that serve us best. However, many individuals would like to increase their abilities to perform well face-to-face in meetings or when delivering presentations. As we immerse ourselves further into online connectivity, many of us are losing the opportunity to practice and refine our personal impact skills. People buy people and those with the ability to sell a message in person, influence others and build relationships will stand out from the crowd.

We work with groups and individuals with varying seniority of staff. We work closely with our clients to tailor bespoke learning to satisfy your needs. Workshop content includes:

  • Breaking down barriers – understanding how we communicate
  • Voice, breath, tone, delivery – testing personal equipment and patterns of behaviour
  • Flexing our style engage with differing audiences
  • Managing audience expectations and learning to improvise
  • Structure of a presentation or argument
  • How to use PowerPoint/ IT/ handouts
  • Dealing with conflict and interruptions
  • Adding value to the customer (the audience)
  • Bringing yourself to every conversation and presentation
  • Lessons in leadership

Our other services include the following:
Coaching Squared Programme
External Mentoring Programmes
Interactive skills practice
Unconscious bias training
Personal impact and influencing skills
Return to work programme
Drama for International Primary Schools

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