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Step out of your comfort zone and invigorate your career

Step out of your comfort zone and invigorate your career

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I spent it under duress in a campsite, where the temperature seemed to drop dramatically at night. I’m now also sporting a rather unattractive bruise on my forehead and a graze on my eye brow after tripping over a guy rope in the dark. So, what have I learned from this?

It’s good to step out of your comfort zone, as long as you’ve done a safety assessment beforehand to calculate the risk. I could’ve brought more to wear at night, packed a hot water bottle, ensured I’d the right kind of torch to show me the way around the hazards at night. However, I also realised that the experience has made me appreciate my own home and my own bed so much more. Just popping across the hallway to take a warm shower in the morning seems like a luxury now. I also had a great time with friends doing ‘menial’ tasks like washing up and making fires, but I was also free from email, from FaceBook and text messages and therefore could just be me with time to re-charge.

By stepping out of my comfort zone I’ve learned new skills and enjoyed precious time with friends.I can choose to do it again or not, through my own reason and experience not because someone says I should or because I’m too afraid to try. On the other hand, I could have booked into a 5 star spa! That’s for next time.

If you’re looking to take a chance on yourself and step out of your own comfort zone then join us on the Coaching Squared programme. Our next peer to peer professional and personal development programme launches on 6th and 14th July 2016.

Coaching Squared is our pioneering, cross-organisational initiative, developed by us, here at SceneChange, to help boost the confidence and career prospects of managers through a nine month development programme.

Our programme provides a platform for participants (at middle and senior manager level) with a similar level of experience to meet and select an independent peer from another organisation to act as co-coaching partner.

Participants learn how to coach and together set an action plan to support each other in achieving career goals. It is an opportunity to exchange business experience and work on personal progression in a safe and confidential environment with someone from outside of their own organisation.

Learning is reinvested into the organisation through increased confidence, new ways of working and clearer career development goals. Take a chance to change your options. Here’s what our participants say.

Click here to find out more. To get in contact email us at or call us directly at 020 7060 2067.

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