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Temitope Roberta Lawal nominated for the Rising Stars Awards 2016

Temitope Roberta Lawal nominated for the Rising Stars Awards 2016

We are thrilled to hear that yet another one of our Coaching Squared participants, Temitope Roberta Lawal from Ministry of Justice, has been nominated for the 2016 WeAreTheCity Rising Stars award.
‘I am glad to be a Civil Servant and to have recently become a Magistrate. Volunteering as a Magistrate is something that I am proud of, I am committed to it and I take it absolutely seriously because I believe that I can change some lives by giving them a fair hearing. Over the past few months I have been part of a leadership programme called ‘Coaching Squared’. This is an inspirational programme with an inspirational coach, Mairi McHaffie. I am thankful to Mairi for her support and advice.’

Coaching Squared is a pioneering, cross-organisational initiative, developed by SceneChange, to help boost the confidence and career prospects of managers through a nine month development programme.
The programme provides a platform for participants (at middle and senior manager level) with a similar level of experience to meet and select an independent peer from another organisation to act as co-coaching partner.
Participants learn how to coach and together set an action plan to support each other in achieving career goals. It is an opportunity to exchange business experience and work on personal progression in a safe and confidential environment with someone from outside of their own organisation.
Learning is reinvested into the organisation through increased confidence, new ways of working and clearer career development goals.
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