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WeAreTheCity’s Rising Stars Awards

WeAreTheCity’s Rising Stars Awards

Mairi McHaffie honoured as one of the judges on WATC’s Rising Stars Awards

The WeAreTheCity (WATC) Rising Stars Awards are now open for nominations and I am honoured to have been asked to be a judge for these prestigious Awards. Founder, Vanessa Vallely, has been a huge supporter of our Coaching Squared Programme and given her unique inspirational talks at our events several times. So I am delighted to be giving back and helping to shine the light on other inspirational women, who we want to see trailblazing in the future.

What always delights me is to hear stories about real people who have challenged themselves to step out of their comfort zone and expand their skills and experiences to reflect the best of themselves, then share them with others!

It takes confidence and real guts to be different and to aim higher than we are often expected to do. From my experience, girls in particular are often quashed at an early age by an expectation of behaviors and manners that are old fashioned and potentially life limiting. I am passionate about people of all levels being recognised and rewarded for their efforts to excel, stand up and be visible and show the best of themselves.

These awards will help to create role models and build confidence for everyone above and below them on the career ladder. Due to the success of last years awards, WATC are seeking to recognise the achievements of a further 100 role models/future female leaders in 2016. In order to promote these women and highlight their achievements, WATC need your nominations.
Why Nominate?
• To highlight the individuals achievements
• To raise the profile of the individual
• To show them they are appreciated
• To encourage them to keep doing what they are doing

Who will you nominate?
If you know an amazing woman who is operating below a senior/middle management level (Public and Private Sector) who deserves recognition, then please consider nominating her for WeAreTheCity’s Rising Star awards. You can nominate between 01 February and 18 March via the Rising Star website

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