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Who is Coaching Squared for?

(Grade + Women, BAME, LGBT, Disability)


Ideal participants for this programme fulfill these criteria:


  • Experienced middle managers, below Heads of Function and/or those reporting to Senior Directors.
  • Team leaders with direct reports and minimum 2 years leadership experience
  • Specialist/ Technical Experts who deliver a job that is key to the company.
  • Civil Service grades 6 and 7 (SCS Feeder Grades) – exceptional candidates at SEO level



  • The organisation considers participants who have clear focus on results, and achieving stretch targets show potential to be an engaging, motivational and inspiring leader:
  • are able to provide vision and set clear direction
  • create conditions where staff can prioritise and use initiative to deliver results
  • take personal responsibility for delivering results effectively and swiftly
  • are focused on business priorities and strategic outcomes to deliver these
  • are honest, courageous and realistic
  • inspire trust and respect in their team
  • engage and motivate their team to prioritise and use initiative to deliver results.

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