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We design and deliver inspirational virtual and face to face learning events. Our ‘learning by doing’ method is a balanced combination of skills-practice and theory.

We create an inspiring and supportive space for people to explore new capabilities that build confidence, a growth mindset and effective communication skills. In collaboration with you we create bespoke learning sessions from 60 minute webinars to half day virtual workshops. For more information on how we can help you – get in touch today.

What We Do

Bridges Mentoring Programme

This 6 month immersive programme will nurture and grow your diverse talent pipeline, bridge the gap between junior and senior leadership and build confident, collaborative individuals, ready to take the next step towards promotion.

Leadership and Management Workshops

This series of 12 experiential workshops provides a toolkit of leadership capabilities from managing people and change to building effective teams and handling feedback effectively. Ensuring your people have the skills and behaviours to lead inclusive, productive teams and clients.

Forum Theatre

Live action Forum theatre can be used to tackle a multitude of challenging behaviours that can be difficult to address or talk about, such as promoting respectful behaviours, mitigating unconscious bias and creating an inclusive corporate culture. Our professional actors are also dynamic trainers and experienced coaches and this blend of skills helps bring learning to life in a realistic and impactful way.

graduate programme

Graduate Programme

This series of highly practical workshops nurture and train your new talent in the world of work. We support them to develop their personal impact, communication and presentation skills and enable you to build and retain a confident and competent talent pipeline.

Managing Feedback

Mid-year and annual reviews, giving and receiving client feedback and managing competent conversations are crucial skills to building effective relationships. In real life we only get one chance to get it right. This immersive workshop gives you the chance to practise and polish your skills with expert feedback.

unconscious bias

Unconscious Bias

Some workplace decisions are based on facts, logic and evidence – and some are based on our instinct and gut feeling. Our behaviour towards a person or group of people can sometimes be based on unconscious bias and this practical workshop explores how to manage and mitigate the negative effects of bias at work.

Personal Impact and Influencing Skills

How you show up can make a difference between a successful or negative interaction. Confidence, authenticity and likeability help you to make an impact. This workshop explores the psychology and physiology of how we interact and engage on a personal level to build trust and influence others.

Presentation Skills and Storytelling

Keeping your audience engaged and interested can be a challenge in front of a live audience or virtually in front of a screen. Our presentation skills course, run by professionally trained actors can help you deliver your message with confidence, charisma and gravitas. We help to refine your visual, vocal and verbal impact to give you the edge you need to pitch, convince or share your expertise.

Not sure which of our workshops are right for you?

Get in touch for a chat with our knowledgeable team today

Not sure which of our workshops are right for you?

Get in touch for a chat with our knowledgeable team today