Bringing your best self to work

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Here at Scene Change we are passionate about people bringing their best selves to work, whether that’s working from home or back in the office. We are specialists in virtual and face-to-face experiential learning for both emerging talent and…

What will replace Unconscious Bias training?

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are Cabinet Office minister Julia Lopez has announced "unconscious bias training does not achieve its intended aims. It will therefore be phased out in the civil service". This BBC article was widely shared on the story but one thing was missing,…
Mairi McHaffie

Mairi McHaffie speaking about influencing skills

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Krystal Roxx interviews Mairi McHaffie on her Radio Show 'Superfoxx', Soho Radio, London. This is Mairi McHaffie, founder of Scene Change Creative Consultants, a career development company, speaking with Krystal Roxx on Superfoxx. Mairi…

Two steps forward, one step back

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Author: Mairi McHaffie So much has happened over the past fifty years for LGBT people in the UK. Some people find it difficult to imagine a time when people were arrested for their choice of partner. However, LGBT people and their allies…