How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

Setting resolutions

For many of us January stands for setting resolutions and breaking them before the month is out, embarking on Dry January and having a sneaky drink at the end of week 2, cause its’s someone’s birthday, separation, new job, verruca removal. Any old excuse would do for me I can assure you!

How to set achievable goals?

This year however, I have set myself some ACHIEVABLE GOALS. These will be very different from the Goals you may have set yourself, because we all have very different complex experiences, desires and needs. My Goals may even seem easy or ridiculous to some – but when we suspend our judgement and focus in on supporting and coaching each other, we enable another person to take ownership of their own progression and therefore they are more likely to achieve them. We then find ourselves in a reciprocal relationship of trust where we feel confident to share our own goals and advance them.

So after the soaking I gave myself at Christmas, I decided I’d cut right down on the alcohol for January. Of course the old excuses surfaced – too many birthdays and events in January – can’t possibly do it. So I did what I knew I COULD do. I committed to no drinking or smoking Monday to Friday and a daily morning Yoga session on those same school days.

Within a week I felt better, within two weeks I looked better, in three my energy has increased and my thoughts are clearer – and due to all of that I’ve set myself my next goal. This is the big one. I’m setting up a YouTube Channel to share top tips on Impact and Influencing. Right, I’ve said it now. Put it out there. Gotta do it!

Taking stock

So, while we’re just about hanging on to New Year mode it may be time to take stock of what YOU want to achieve this year. Think about ways you can start afresh, things you can do for you that will make a difference to YOU (lets be selfish for a moment) and about the new associations you could make that would be valuable to you (and to which you can add value to others). What areas of learning and development could help you to achieve more at work and in your personal life. What are the first steps you can take? What can you begin? Once you know what that is – begin it. Begin it now…

How to focus on what’s important

Download this excellent Values Exercise adapted from Mind Tools to help you focus on what’s important in your life to enable you to determine your priorities.

Keep working on your goals. Adapt them as you progress and always write them down.

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