Author:  Mairi McHaffie

For me, as we head deeper into digitalizing our world and our ways of communicating, we’re becoming more reliant on how we present ourselves online than in real life. For some younger people, who have grown up with tech and social media, they are shying away from knocking on their Boss’s door, getting in front of them and making themselves visible, because it’s becoming too scary to not have access to a filter or an edit button in real life.

However, studies show that ‘people still buy people’ and from those people we buy ideas, stories, journeys, challenges overcome and successes – we buy products or services that makes us think differently or makes our lives easier. We are more persuaded by human interaction that anything else.

As a GenX leader working with Millennials and Post Millennials/ Generation Z, I want to speak to people face-to-face or on the phone…so if I’m a leader in an organisation, a manger, your manager… my learning style and what I’m most influenced by is…you coming to actually speak to me rather than email me.

The benefit of knowing that unedited conversation, being passionate and talking about what you do best and how you can add value, puts you right in the sights and the psyche of the people that can promote and champion you.  There is a great power in having the emotional intelligence and the bravery to seek out a leader; tell them something about them that you admire in the way they work, ask if you can buy them a coffee and start to build a real relationship.  We all like a bit of flattery – even those at the top.

The power of human interaction, being able to read signals and adapt to them and build relationships will be very powerful commodities for young people at the start of their careers. However, many will not see the value in this, but those who do, will be in a better position to influence, make an impact and succeed.

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“My thanks to you for leading the Personal Excellence Workshops yesterday…it was inspirational and (the girls) came away with a tool bag of tips and strategies to take forward to interviews, and life in general.”

Elizabeth Mckinley, Director of Futures, St Helen’s School, Middlesex